How Much Debt Is Too Much Debt?

Debt and indebtedness are an integral part of financial and commercial activities. The employee and the employer do not know, and everyone has tasted it in some way. We can say that almost everyone in society is in debt:

• A person has borrowed money to buy a house and is paying its installments;

• A person has purchased a vehicle and issued a check to pay for it;

• Someone hires an employee and has to pay every month;

• Someone borrows money to start a business and has to pay it off soon;

• A person has received a service and is scheduled to pay for it a month later;

• A person is negligent in maintaining a loan and must pay the damages;

• And dozens of other small and large cases.

All of them are debts, and having these debts as long as that person’s income and financial resources are sufficient to pay off these financial obligations may not be a bad thing and should be considered a normal part of financial and business activities.

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But the situation worsens because, in the financial balance of life and business, the cost burden is heavier than the income balance. It is here that people gradually fall into the valley of debt, and when they come to, they find themselves in the depths of a valley of financial obligations that they are unable to meet and cannot rise above.

If you are reading these texts, you are probably in debt’s seemingly endless debts, or you know someone around you with these conditions.

In the following comprehensive and practical article, you will learn how much debt is too much debt and how to get rid of debt and be on the path to wealth and financial success.

Things that show you have a lot of debt:

  • Your income is less than your debt:

It is the first sign of over-indebtedness. If you do not have enough money to pay off your monthly debts, there may be some debt left each month, and the accumulation of these debts will increase your debt.

  • Avoid answering creditors’ calls:

When you refuse to answer to the lender or creditors, it means that you do not have enough money to pay the debt and your debts have increased.

  • You get help from a loan to pay off your debt:

If you can not settle your debts with your monthly salary and borrow to pay them, it means that you justify by a lack of money and a lot of debt. But keep in mind that accumulating these loans will ultimately make it harder to settle your debts.

  • You have financial stress:

If you are worried about settling your debts in such a way that your peace of mind is disturbed constantly, you have lost control of your debt, and your debt has increased.

  • Use the money you save to settle your debt:

If you can not settle your debt with your monthly income and use the money you have already saved to settle, it means that your debt has become more than usual. In such a situation, imagine that you have no savings. If so, your financial stress will be multiplied.

  • Hide your expenses from others:

If you do not want to talk about financial matters with your friends or acquaintances, you are probably in a lot of debt.

  • To escape financial stress, you become depressed and turn to alcohol and drugs.

But what can be done to get out of high debt?

  • Keep notes of your monthly expenses:

Find out what your monthly salary is spent on. You must first identify the problem so that you can find the right solution and treatment for it. Making a list will help you a lot. Try to make the list honest. It will help you to reduce your financial difficulties in the long run.

  • Do not spend more than your balance:

If you do not have enough money to buy something, do not borrow it. Of course, this depends on what you want to spend the loan on. If you want to invest in your company or buy a house, there is no problem with borrowing. Because the profit made in return for this work is worth taking that loan.

But it is not wise to borrow money to travel or buy a piece of furniture. Also, car loans can be dangerous. Because the car loses its value after the purchase, and if you can not pay the car installment and have to sell it, you will suffer a lot of losses.

  • Start a side job:

Starting a business is never easy. Sell your products online! Do you love animals? Do you have good eyes and a beautiful camera? Start taking photos and selling them.

  • Start by paying off the heaviest debts:

Of course, this does not mean that the amount of debt is heavy. Maybe a debt prioritized due to the demand for unbearable work, or a debt to the bank because of the interest it has and its amount increases with each passing day, so listing the debt will be a very effective method according to priority.

In this way, noted that the payment of part of the debts reduces their priority. For example, the updated payment of a bank loan that no longer includes interest or part of the debt of the work-seeker payment will cause him to be more tolerant of taking the rest of his demand. Identifying and applying these items can reduce the overall debt pressure. Identifying these items can reduce the total financial pressure.

  • Selling unused items:

Using this method, you can provide part of the required cash. Selling unnecessary items that are not used even for a year will not only create a freer space at home but will also help pay off some of your debt.

  • More work, more income:

Flick to your mind. To pay off your debts as soon as possible, you have to work harder. Now this includes overtime and a second job. So go to them to get rid of this problem as soon as possible.

  • Reward yourself:

Reward yourself when you reach your main and small goals! Be aware that we do not want to fall into the debt trap again after dinner, and spending 100,000 dollars is not news! You can buy yourself a cup of coffee or small things that make you happy, or you can even show off your success on social media, but in the end, with the end of your entire debt, you will be allowed a small party with your loved ones!


In this article, we talked about the signs of debt and then introduced methods for debt settlement. You need to make a statement of all your debts as well as your monthly salary and balance. Using this method will help you pay off your debt faster.

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