Where To Invest Money To Get Good Returns?

Many investors are looking for the best return on investment and prefer high levels of return to long-term returns. The world of economics is always unpredictable and risky, especially in recent years when we have seen a lot of turmoil in the market so most people do not know exactly where to invest. Here we are going to know where to invest money to get good returns. Let’s examine the investment methods.

The question that has occupied the minds of many these days is, how do we protect our assets? The answer to that question is certainly an investment. After answering this question, you may ask yourself what the best investment is and where to invest? The main methods include the following:

  • Bank deposit accounts
  • Investment funds
  • Exchange
  • Gold
  • Digital currency
  • Housing
  • Lending money to individuals or businesses

In the following, we will analyze the status of each of these methods to understand what the best way to invest is.

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  • Bank deposit accounts:

For many years banks and their long-term deposits have been one of the most popular places to invest. Investing in banks is one of the least profitable investments possible, but many people have turned to invest in banks because it is low risk and safe.

  • Exchange:

In most countries, the stock market is recognized as one of the most important possible places for investment; As a result, the prosperity of this market shows the prosperity of the economies of these countries.

The point to keep in mind is that the return on investment is based on the growth of the overall index. This means that you may lose money in the stock market while the total index is growing, or vice versa, you may gain more than the growth of the total index.

Risk-taking and knowledge are the two determinants of success in the stock market. Using an experienced financial instructor can increase your chances of success.

  • Investment funds:

These days, when the stock market and related news are hot, many people want to benefit from it. The best option for newcomers and those who do not have enough time and knowledge to invest is to use these mutual funds. Mutual funds are divided into various categories according to the type of investment, risk, and type of trading.

  • Gold and coins:

Gold and coins have always been recognized as safe commodities for investment and this investment is done in various ways from buying different types of coins to molten and used gold.

In general, investing in coins or gold is not a bad choice because gold will never lose its value, but in this article, we are looking for the best and most profitable investment for next year.

In the long run, investing in gold may make sense (good liquidity), but in the short run, there is no significant growth expectation and positive volatility.

  • Digital currency:

The digital currency market, despite its short history compared to other markets, has become very active. This emerging market, which is no more than 10 years after the introduction of its first member, Bitcoin, has been able to open its place among other financial markets today. Thanks to the possibility of extracting digital currencies along with price fluctuations, these currencies are gradually becoming one of the investment destinations of people around the world.

These days; The digital currency market has found many fans and critics.

Proponents say prices must raise hundreds of percent to reach their target price.

But opponents say the market is already growing faster than it was worth. However, the positive outlook of most analysts and economic activists in the world has become the driving force of this market.

  • Buy real estate:

You need a lot of initial capital to invest in housing, and the liquidity of this investment is low; nevertheless, housing is known as one of the most important types of investments. This market has always been fluctuating due to geographical variables, urban policies, and other influential factors such as material prices.

Liquidity is the biggest problem in the housing market these days. The decrease in the volume of housing transactions and reaching the lowest transaction volume in the last 6 years indicates a recession and relative stability in the housing market.

Although in the long run (20 years) the housing market is one of the best investment options and is the only serious competitor to the stock market, but the high initial capital has prevented many people from entering this market.

Lending money to individuals or businesses:

Another place where you can save some money is to lend money to individuals and businesses such as Lending Club and Prosper. With these companies, you will be able to lend money to low-interest people and act as a bank. The best part is when you get a standard rate of return on your money, which is usually 6% or more.

As an investment, you invest in other people and their goals. You need to know not to lend a lot of money to people you do not know. Instead, the money you invest is divided into smaller amounts, such as $25 per hundred or even thousands of dollars in debt.

What is the best way to invest?

Finally, if we want to summarize all the talk, based on statistics, the stock market is the best option for investing. If you have a long-term view, the stock market will undoubtedly be the best option. But again, this market can not be considered the best option for investment. To find the best investment method that has a good return, first, pay attention to the amount of money you have and then choose the best way for yourself according to the explanations provided in this article.


All investors are generally advised not to limit their assets to a particular market; because by diversifying the investment, the risk can be better managed. This division of assets, which is based on the degree of risk of each person, will determine the amount of profit, so we suggest that you seek help from experienced people.

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