Your Health Is Your Real Wealth.

A culture that makes us think health is a real asset is commendable. A healthy body is defined as the body’s overall ability to function well, including physical, mental, emotional, and social health. When one builds health, one holds the key to happiness.

Wealth is not something that money can buy:

The first wealth is health. Health is the first and foremost foundation of everyone’s life because, without health, no one can enjoy a decent life. Even the wealthiest people can not enjoy their lives if they do not understand the importance of health in their lives. Money can not compensate for the importance of health in anyone’s life.

Health is based on many factors such as social, genetic, and financial factors. We can say that health is a prerequisite for a happy life.

Physical health depends on several factors, including regular drinking of water, exercise, eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep and breathing, and the prevailing thoughts we often have. A healthy life also depends on the people you spend time with. Many factors affect this, and if one of these components is not in good condition, it may affect our health.

Health was previously described as “the ability to function well.” But over time, the definition of health has changed. Being healthy does not necessarily mean being physically fit, but it does mean general fitness, including emotional, mental, and social stability. Health is real wealth. The main components of a healthy body that help the body function have several features. The most important factor is physical health. Physical health is a condition in which the body has no disease or disability. When one is in good physical condition, one tends to live a long life. The best way to stay physically fit is to have a balanced diet. Consuming essential nutrients in the right amounts helps a person manage their physical health.

The next essential component is daily exercise. To help your body stay fit, you should never forget to exercise, even if it is ten minutes. Continued consumption of unhealthy foods is not recommended at all. Avoid alcohol and smoking because it endangers your health. It is also highly recommended getting enough sleep and rest in harmony with the body and not use the phone and smartphone too much.

The next component is health, mental health, or mental well-being. Mental health is the emotional and mental state of a person. A person’s mental well-being affects his feelings and behavior in managing the situation. The best-recommended way to stay mentally healthy is to remain positive and meditate. Consequently, communication, social and cognitive health is of great importance in the general state of the individual’s well-being and health. One maintains one’s social well-being by communicating effectively with others. A person who participates in communities and has a friendly nature is said to be socially healthy.

Similarly, a person’s cognitive health refers to the regular functioning of mental processes that lead to an effective health state. To achieve this goal and eat healthy food, one must play brain-boosters such as puzzles, riddles, chess, and so on. It helps the person to keep their brain ready and fresh.

A healthy body is a sign of a healthy mind. Being healthy includes mental health, but people do not consider mental disorders to be a problem. Psychological well-being is just as important as physical well-being. When people talk about psychological issues, it immediately has an adverse effect.

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Parents often focus only on the physical needs of their children. They cover wounds and injuries and feed their children with nutritious and good food. However, they usually do not notice the deteriorating health of their child. It is because they do not think that mental health is a critical issue for their children.

Even among adults, one cannot quickly diagnose mental health. It is due to the lack of awareness among the people. Therefore, one should try to identify the symptoms related to mental problems and plan to solve or improve the situation. A laughing person is not always a happy person.

One aspect of health is the health of our capital; Self-confidence, intelligence, knowledge, intellectual capital, flexibility, and non-prejudice, being happy as a member of the family. These are examples of personal capital that every rich person should strengthen. These traits are often referred to as personal development or personality development.

Wealth and health Values are also one of the most critical aspects of health that should be considered. This type of wealth is harder to obtain and increase than other wealth types, but it is the most valuable and more sustainable. This wealth allows family members to come together and form a family.

The originality that is often used in our culture for wealthy families refers to this type of capital. You understand very well that not every wealthy family is considered genuine. Noble families have been affluent from generation to generation with cultural capital, in the sense that cultural and value capital has guaranteed such families’ wealth. High originality, honor, and culture cannot be easily achieved, but they are not easily lost when they are acquired. We must be very careful about our human values and take this issue seriously.

Tips for maintaining a healthy life:

  • Sport:

Good health is achieved and maintained through exercise. You can exercise regularly in any gym. However, too much activity is also unhealthy and harmful. Exercise should be done periodically and should be a maximum of 1 or 1 hour and a half.

  • Early morning walk:

For doing the best exercise, you should be waking up early in the morning and walking.

  • Play:

To be healthy and stay healthy at least once a week, you should play outdoor games.

  • Balanced diet:

Our diet should be balanced. We have to get proper food. Generally, the food we eat is sufficient for health, if we consume it fresh and in the right amount. Overeating is very harmful. We have to eat at regular hours. Another thing about food is that we should not skip any of our meals. Foods eaten in a hurry are not well digested.

  • Rest and comfortable sleep:

Another factor about health is that we need to rest and sleep on time. Going to bed early and waking up early is the golden rule of health. A person who works too hard and does not sleep or sleeps less to earn more money will endanger his health.

  • Get rid of anxiety:

The best formula for being healthy is to free your mind as much as possible from all the extra worries and anxieties. One who is exhausted from grief cannot sleep well.


Health is wealth; As Mahatma Gandhi put it, “Health is real wealth, not gold and silver.” Therefore, a healthy person is a happy person. Many people do not realize its importance as long as they enjoy it. In this article, we talked about health values. We hope you enjoy reading it.

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