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How Do You Go From Poor To Rich?

There is no doubt that everyone wants to get rich. In the past, getting rich was limited to middle-aged men and women. In the past decades, many people were surprised if someone got rich at a young age. But today, the younger generation also has their own great success stories. It is good to know that the most important part of the process of getting rich is yourself. To get rich, deep knowledge, risk-taking, flexibility, will, time, etc., are needed. In this article, we will give you several tips for going from poor to rich. Stay with us.

Knowing the dream and the goal:

A human being who does not know his purpose and dream has not yet been born. Before doing anything, you should know your dream completely and accurately and set short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals for it.

If you do not know enough about your dream, you can not walk in its path at all and will not move.

Understanding your dreams and goals is very simple. What are you willing to strive for day and night? The answer to this question is your dream. Our dreams and goals are very important because our dreams make our goals, our goals make our plan, and successful planning makes our dreams come true. Of course, in the meantime, we must control our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Acquisition of expertise and learning:

The second step to getting out of poverty and getting rich is learning quickly in a field relevant to your goals and aspirations. Learning all the time in your life will help you become an experienced person in your work field. In this case, you will automatically have a high income and wealth. Try to learn from reputable and important sources and increase your expertise in the field that you identified in the first step.

Change your job and employer:

By doing this, you can increase your wages, gain various work and non-work experiences, and reduce the risk of future unemployment due to being one-dimensional. Do not be afraid to do this over and over again. If you are a valued employee, your current employer may even consider raising your salary and other benefits to keep you. Dependence on current circumstances, fear of the new environment and job, or job loyalty may weaken you in this endeavor, but remember that you must constantly be on the move to progress, so be alert to find new opportunities.

Start a personal business:

Most successful people have a side income other than a fixed monthly salary, which sometimes earns them more. It takes a lot of focus and time and a lot of stress, but after a while, it becomes profitable, and you can see the result. In addition to earning more, you will have the advantage of being your boss and setting your working hours. We suggest that you start your own business after gaining experience in a particular field and gaining knowledge of its various aspects.

Invest in financial markets:

Financial markets are a great place to multiply your money. If you equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and are an opportunist, you can earn the manifold of your annual income this way. Buying shares of reputable companies and bonds is a surefire way to generate sub-revenue. For more risk-averse people, investing in the stock market will bring more profit. Also, investing in gold and currency should not be neglected. These markets are surprisingly profitable in the face of domestic or global economic crises.

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Invest in real estate:

To get rich, you can buy rental property or land in growing places. By doing this, you will always win. As the population grows, and so does the demand for housing and commercial real estate, you can expect a guaranteed profit.

Invest your time:

Instead of wasting a few hours a day, try to plan for the whole day. Use any time to learn topics such as economic mechanisms, stock companies’ performance, financial analysis, etc.

Avoid purchases that will depreciate in the future:

For example, buying an expensive car is not an economically viable option because no matter how much work you put into it, its value will drop a lot after five years.

Do not buy without thinking:

Always try to buy with reason and logic and not buy unreasonable items that you do not need or do not benefit you. The cost of living itself is a challenge. So never spend your money and resources on things you do not need. Before you buy anything, ask yourself, ‘Do I need this device? Is it worth buying? “Does buying this device benefit me?” Then make a sensible and informed decision. Your decisions have a significant impact on your investment

Stay rich:

Getting rich is hard, but staying rich is even harder. Your assets are always affected by the market, and the market has its ups and downs. If you are careless and do not make the most of the time when the market is in good shape, you will be doomed to failure and return to the beginning during the recession. If you have a salary increase or your stock is profitable, save or invest this extra amount because you will almost certainly face hard times.

 Open several savings accounts:

Each person should have more than one savings account to avoid additional expenses by pouring some monthly income into other accounts. For example, whenever you receive your salary, it is better to deposit a percentage of your money in a special account and keep the card at home at all times. Have an account for house expenses and an account for monthly entertainment. It will reduce your willingness to buy and save more money.


Set a monthly budget covering all your basic expenses and set aside a small amount for fun and entertainment. Never exceed this amount in spending.

Avoid unused loans:

Make a rule for yourself that you should never borrow money that does not benefit you. Loans should increase your capital, not just your debt. Wealthy people only get loans if they want to invest in them and increase their source of income. Poor people borrow to buy things that make rich people richer.


Many people run away from change, and that’s the problem; because they want to build a new life full of money and wealth without any change in their style, model, and way of life. That is why many people fail in their pursuit of wealth. In this article, we provided you with practical solutions to make poor people rich. This article may seem simple at first glance, but if you look closely at your life, you will find that many do not do these simple things in your life.

“If you have any feedback about how do you go from poor to rich that you have tried out or any questions about the ones that I have recommended, please leave your comments below!”

NB: The purpose of this website is to provide a general understanding of personal finance, basic financial concepts, and information. It’s not intended to advise on tax, insurance, investment, or any product and service. Since each of us has our own unique situation, you should have all the appropriate information to understand and make the right decision to fit with your needs and your financial goals. I hope that you will succeed in building your financial future.

Passive Income

How To Make Passive Income From The Internet?

What is Passive Income?

How to make Passive Income online, and what is the meaning of making passive income online? It might be interesting to make money while you are not at work. Passive income is a type of income, which a person can earn without doing daily activities and even when traveling or sleeping. It is an interesting advantage for countries that have a lot of holidays. Passive online income requires an initial investment to become an automated income over time. Here are the best ways to reach passive income using the internet. Stay with us.

Easy ways to generate passive income online:

Here are some methods you can start making inactive income online without much effort; Surely, you will find at least one suitable method. Many people in the community believe that making money online is hard and complicated, and in other words, it is not everyone’s job! But we believe that to make money from the internet, and it is enough to increase your knowledge in this field and be up-to-date and have effort and perseverance. Passive income flow requires two elements of financial investment or time investment to become a fixed income.

  • Set up a website:

Creating a website is one of the best ways to make money online. Through the website, you can reach a high passive income. But doing so requires a top ranking on the Google homepage. You need to create good SEO content. By doing this, you will have an optimized website, and through this website, you can advertise and market your business products or services and earn money. By creating training websites, you can put high-quality introductory training videos in it and attract potential customers.

The best way to create a website or blog is to choose a topic that interests you and promote products or services relevant to that site. It will increase your conversion rate and generate passive income for you.

  • Produce video content on YouTube:

YouTube, with millions of viewers, is the most powerful way to make money online. YouTube is a very effective way of online business and passive monetization. Create a place for yourself on YouTube by creating controversial educational clips, and earn an incredible income. You get paid every time your viewers watch or click on these clips. The cost of each visit is low, but if you have many visits, it becomes a higher income, especially when you create content daily.

  • Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a powerful way to earn money online. The most effective technique in this method is to have an optimized website. The way affiliate marketing works is to sell another company’s products and services through advertising on your site, and you have a great passive revenue stream.

Note that this method gives you a commission on every purchase, so to earn more online, your audience must be relatively high, so you must increase your site traffic by optimizing it. In addition to gaining a large audience, you need strong suppliers. In other words, you need a strong platform with a large audience and strong suppliers to achieve passive revenue.

  • Content production and content marketing:

By learning how to produce content and content marketing, you can write content for other sites or produce e-books. Another way to earn money online is to produce video content, educational audio files, or in other words, quality and useful podcasts. By producing content, you can do telecommuting for free for various companies and sites.

  • Make money online with social media:

The other way to earn money online is through social networks such as Instagram or Telegram. You can advertise your desired product to your potential customers by publishing quality content in images or videos on social networks. It may take a long time to do this, but you will get the desired passive income after a while.

  • Create an application:

You can also start building an application. Of course, this idea is not suitable for everyone, but it is not difficult. Just start with questions. Questions like what do you want your program to do? How do you make the app attractive to users? How to make life easier for users with your app? How do you want to market your app? And many other materials that many developers want to publish.

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  • Google AdSense:

Google AdSense is a free service provided by Google that helps publishers make money from their web content.

It is the most popular way to make money online. After making the initial settings, you can just sit back and watch the money flow into your account.

You should have a blog or YouTube channel to get started with Google AdSense. You must also get an AdSense account credit. Create ads and place AdSense code on your blog using free plugins, and the ads will be displayed automatically.

  • Market Place:

Instead of setting up an online store, you can use another online store platform to sell your products. Amazon or ClickBank, for example, have made it possible for marketers to sell their products easily on this platform.

  • Sell professional photos online:

If you love photography, why not use it to make a passive income? If you enjoy photography and are talented in this area, you can send your photos to photo sales sites like iStockPhoto and Shutterstock. On these sites, every time someone buys your photos, you will receive a commission for them.


Making money online means gaining expertise and knowledge over time and applying them in cyberspace. If you have enough determination and talent to work in this field, we guarantee your success; just take the time to do so!

To be successful on an Instagram page or a telegram channel and earn money online, you must produce unique content and constantly communicate and interact with your followers! Always try to attract users to your content with attractive content.

If you are a freelancer and work remotely, you should create a professional work history and resume for yourself. If you work in blogging, you should be creative and write attractive and optimized content. If you want to make money selling other people’s products, you have to learn marketing basics.

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NB: The purpose of this website is to provide a general understanding of personal finance, basic financial concepts, and information. It’s not intended to advise on tax, insurance, investment, or any product and service. Since each of us has our own unique situation, you should have all the appropriate information to understand and make the right decision to fit with your needs and your financial goals. I hope that you will succeed in building your financial future.


How To Make Money Online From Internet Marketing?

What is Internet Marketing and How Do We Make Money With Online Marketing? Internet marketing is one of the methods that every business owner must master these days to sell their goods, products, and services through an Internet advertising or by using email or launching a site.

With the rise of online businesses and the internet’s power to promote goods and services, Internet marketing has also become very popular. It includes a variety of things that you must adopt the right strategy to implement properly.

Many people think that internet marketing requires a lot of expertise, but this is not true. You can work in this field with a simple site design and learning some internet marketing skills. However, internet marketing and monetization have prerequisites that you must get rid of them first; otherwise, your efforts will not go anywhere. But what are these prerequisites? Follow the rest of the article.

Prerequisites for Internet Marketing and Online Monetization:

The most important prerequisite before starting your activities for internet marketing and earning money is to have branches in the virtual world. For example, you should create a branch by designing a website on the web. You should also create accounts for yourself on Facebook and Instagram, create a page for yourself, or create a channel in your business-specific Telegram. Creating a dedicated email to send bulk promotional emails is also one of these methods.

Why is making money from internet marketing attractive?

The question that arises here is why most people in the community are interested in making money from the internet? Sure, people will give different answers to this question depending on the knowledge and equipment at their disposal, but a few points have made this method very attractive:

· Everyone in the community has access to it:

If you are looking to make money by internet, a regular home computer, smartphone, tablet, or laptop are the tools you can use to start your own business. All community members with basic information in this area can easily access different parts of it and enjoy its benefits.

· It can be used in different areas:

One of the biggest benefits of working in internet marketing is that there are no restrictions on the activities of different people. Also, communication via the internet is very simple, and each person can provide their desired goods and services to different customers.

· Requires minimal initial investment:

One of the ways to earn money that does not require investment and initial money is to use the internet. Of course, some of you may mention the issue of buying the internet or gadgets such as computers or smartphones. Even if people do not have access to these devices, they can still get them and start operating at home with a small investment.

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Ways to make money through internet marketing:

Now that we know the basics and equipment needed to start making money online, we need to know some of its implementation methods to have a successful and reliable performance in this area. The tools used to make money online are different, and as a result of these differences, we need to use different methods.

· Make money from Instagram:

Instagram users can use this tool to earn money. To earn money from Instagram, all you need to do is create a page and connect with other users on Instagram. In the Instagram app, people can post videos, photos, or live broadcasts, and stories, thereby attracting more followers. The higher the number of followers of these pages, the higher the interaction rate of the page in question. This makes the page very suitable for advertising and uses advertising as a way to earn money.

· Make money from Telegram:

Telegram is another social network and application installed on smartphones that you can use to communicate with other users. In this app, you can earn money through tools such as Telegram channels and Telegram groups.

· Activity as a freelancer:

If you specialize in a special field and can do your work at home, freelance work can be a good way to make money online. Freelancers can receive projects such as translation, typing, design, site design, graphic design, or even banner design. The most famous websites active in freelancing are Fiverr and Upwork, which have provided the activity of a large number of users in various fields.

· Launching online stores:

Having an online store is a bit difficult and may cost more than other methods, but if you succeed in this way, you can create a stable income source with high income. An online store may include electronics, food products, decorative products, or even downloadable products. To do this, you must first design an online store or buy a store template. By registering a domain and purchasing hosts for this store, your activity will officially start, and you must place your products and services in the store. The more successful you are in ranking your search engine rankings, the more traffic will attract your business and the more customers you will have.

· Sales participation:

Some large international companies, such as Amazon and eBay, use this method to increase their sales. This method is very suitable for looking for a second job or having special skills in marketing. In this method, you, as one of the sellers of these companies, are responsible for selling the products, and as a commission, you get a percentage of your sales. To thrive in this way, you can work on various social networks such as Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, and even Twitter and attract customers to your business. This method does not require special expertise, and you just need to attract more people to your social media pages to turn them into potential customers and sell your products to them.


Making money online today is one of the most popular forms of monetization. Making money from the internet, which is available to everyone these days, is a lucrative offer. In this article, we describe the different ways of earning money from the internet and introduce the necessary tools in each of the areas. One of the above methods may be suitable for you. Remember that you need to take the time to do it and try different methods to find the most successful path possible for you.

“If you have any feedback about how to make money online from internet marketing that you have tried out or any questions about the ones that I have recommended, please leave your comments below!”

NB: The purpose of this website is to provide a general understanding of personal finance, basic financial concepts, and information. It’s not intended to advise on tax, insurance, investment, or any product and service. Since each of us has our own unique situation, you should have all the appropriate information to understand and make the right decision to fit with your needs and your financial goals. I hope that you will succeed in building your financial future.



How To Save For A Family Vacation?

Saving is one of the most critical processes in people’s lives; Extraordinary expenses savings include your expenses for six months to a year (such as savings for unemployment and other necessary events), Savings for buying a car, and savings for traveling on vacation. When it comes to saving time, different people have different priorities; So it is wise to decide which of your savings goals is most important. Part of this process determines how long you can wait to reach your goal and how much money you set aside each month to help you reach your goal.

Want to go on vacation but do not have enough savings? So read our savings tips in this article and start planning your trip today.

Most people do not have enough holidays. If you want to get rid of this strain and run, go ahead and mark your calendar for rest. Start saving before your travel date to avoid traveling anxiety and ruining your good times. Here are some ways to create a savings plan.

Where can you start your savings plan?

You should have a good bank account to start saving money for the holidays. You will not get rich with the amount of money you earn with these methods. But it is free money that can cover your small expenses during your stay.

Always plan to travel abroad at least six months in advance to prepare for travel expenses. Usually, most of the expenses are related to international travel.

  • Take a look at your past holiday budgets:

The best way to be realistic when setting up your vacation budget is to remember your spending habits from the past vacation. Are you a tourist who would like to invite everyone to a drink at a time? Are you eager to buy souvenirs? Your personality determines where you want to spend your money.

Do not think that the new vacation will change you, instead consider this and adjust part of your budget to relax.

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  • Save even when you have no money:

Vacationing is not about taking your rent and using it to buy a plane ticket. It in itself can be a way to create the problems you were running away from. Before deciding on vacation savings, the first thing you need to know is how much it costs to live each month? Of course, this budget should not include shopping or going out with your friends.

Look at the minimum family expenses you have to pay each month. In the next step, you should write down your debts to achieve a balance in your accounts. Starting with this budget is a great way to determine how much you will save from the rest of your income. It is not realistic for many people to save any extra coins, but this is the starting point for saving money for the holidays.

  • Where do you want to travel?

Not all travel and holidays cost the same. A day trip to a park costs less time than a week by plane. Your savings goal should be tailored to your travel location. Consider emergencies such as travel insurance and the cost of changing your plane ticket in the event of a breakdown.

Estimating the highest costs while making you more flexible in negotiating costs with vendors allows you to choose your vacation destination based on when you want to travel.

In general, if you plan to travel within six months of the start of the savings period, choose domestic destinations that you can reach in a few hours by plane. Set aside international destinations when you have more time to plan for the best airfare and hotel rates.

Sometimes some rates can be three times higher than what you spend out of season. Giving yourself enough time to plan your trip can save you millions of dollars.

  • Set a goal for your savings:

Once you understand the type of vacation you have, it is time to start saving. Open separate savings account for your trip. If you have a habit of going to your savings account when your other accounts are running low, open an account that you can not easily withdraw like an online bank account. Make sure you do not get a card for this account to not be tempted to use it. Make sure your savings goal is realistic for the time you want to travel.

Turn the main goal into smaller goals. Divide the goal by the number of weeks until the trip date. If reaching the main goal of your savings is out of reach, then it is better to extend your travel date for another time.

The second option is to shorten the vacation time. In any case, saving money for the holidays should not be a struggle. If you only have a certain amount of time for your vacation each year, you need to estimate how much you can save from now until that particular date.

  • Sell your items:

Start selling items you no longer need; use sites like walls or pipes to sell your old, unusable items. The money you make will not be enough to give up saving. But when traveling, you should always pay for ground transportation or meals, which can probably be covered.

  • Do not buy groceries when you are hungry:

If you are shopping for a family, it is not cheap; one of the tricks to reduce costs is to avoid shopping when you are hungry. When you are hungry, you are more likely to buy foods you do not intend to buy. Buying groceries while you are hungry can cost you more than a certain amount of money to buy, which can distract you from your planning.

Deposit everything you save to not buy extra groceries into your travel savings account. It is not enough to know that you have saved. You need to increase this amount of savings.


With a little planning, you can save for your short-term and long-term goals. Gathering personal savings is difficult enough, but things get more complicated when it comes to saving for a family. You need to weigh in on short-term opportunities and long-term goals, as well as the factors that often lead to unexpected costs. In this article, we talked about some great ways to manage money and save for travel.

Doing so may seem complicated, but it can be done with a little planning. Doing so can help create the right conditions for saving and allocating money for vacations and other fun and enjoyable activities.

“If you have any feedback about how to save for a family vacation that you have tried out or any questions about the ones that I have recommended, please leave your comments below!”

NB: The purpose of this website is to provide a general understanding of personal finance, basic financial concepts, and information. It’s not intended to advise on tax, insurance, investment, or any product and service. Since each of us has our own unique situation, you should have all the appropriate information to understand and make the right decision to fit with your needs and your financial goals. I hope that you will succeed in building your financial future.

Your health

Your Health Is Your Real Wealth.

A culture that makes us think health is a real asset is commendable. A healthy body is defined as the body’s overall ability to function well, including physical, mental, emotional, and social health. When one builds health, one holds the key to happiness.

Wealth is not something that money can buy:

The first wealth is health. Health is the first and foremost foundation of everyone’s life because, without health, no one can enjoy a decent life. Even the wealthiest people can not enjoy their lives if they do not understand the importance of health in their lives. Money can not compensate for the importance of health in anyone’s life.

Health is based on many factors such as social, genetic, and financial factors. We can say that health is a prerequisite for a happy life.

Physical health depends on several factors, including regular drinking of water, exercise, eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep and breathing, and the prevailing thoughts we often have. A healthy life also depends on the people you spend time with. Many factors affect this, and if one of these components is not in good condition, it may affect our health.

Health was previously described as “the ability to function well.” But over time, the definition of health has changed. Being healthy does not necessarily mean being physically fit, but it does mean general fitness, including emotional, mental, and social stability. Health is real wealth. The main components of a healthy body that help the body function have several features. The most important factor is physical health. Physical health is a condition in which the body has no disease or disability. When one is in good physical condition, one tends to live a long life. The best way to stay physically fit is to have a balanced diet. Consuming essential nutrients in the right amounts helps a person manage their physical health.

The next essential component is daily exercise. To help your body stay fit, you should never forget to exercise, even if it is ten minutes. Continued consumption of unhealthy foods is not recommended at all. Avoid alcohol and smoking because it endangers your health. It is also highly recommended getting enough sleep and rest in harmony with the body and not use the phone and smartphone too much.

The next component is health, mental health, or mental well-being. Mental health is the emotional and mental state of a person. A person’s mental well-being affects his feelings and behavior in managing the situation. The best-recommended way to stay mentally healthy is to remain positive and meditate. Consequently, communication, social and cognitive health is of great importance in the general state of the individual’s well-being and health. One maintains one’s social well-being by communicating effectively with others. A person who participates in communities and has a friendly nature is said to be socially healthy.

Similarly, a person’s cognitive health refers to the regular functioning of mental processes that lead to an effective health state. To achieve this goal and eat healthy food, one must play brain-boosters such as puzzles, riddles, chess, and so on. It helps the person to keep their brain ready and fresh.

A healthy body is a sign of a healthy mind. Being healthy includes mental health, but people do not consider mental disorders to be a problem. Psychological well-being is just as important as physical well-being. When people talk about psychological issues, it immediately has an adverse effect.

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Parents often focus only on the physical needs of their children. They cover wounds and injuries and feed their children with nutritious and good food. However, they usually do not notice the deteriorating health of their child. It is because they do not think that mental health is a critical issue for their children.

Even among adults, one cannot quickly diagnose mental health. It is due to the lack of awareness among the people. Therefore, one should try to identify the symptoms related to mental problems and plan to solve or improve the situation. A laughing person is not always a happy person.

One aspect of health is the health of our capital; Self-confidence, intelligence, knowledge, intellectual capital, flexibility, and non-prejudice, being happy as a member of the family. These are examples of personal capital that every rich person should strengthen. These traits are often referred to as personal development or personality development.

Wealth and health Values are also one of the most critical aspects of health that should be considered. This type of wealth is harder to obtain and increase than other wealth types, but it is the most valuable and more sustainable. This wealth allows family members to come together and form a family.

The originality that is often used in our culture for wealthy families refers to this type of capital. You understand very well that not every wealthy family is considered genuine. Noble families have been affluent from generation to generation with cultural capital, in the sense that cultural and value capital has guaranteed such families’ wealth. High originality, honor, and culture cannot be easily achieved, but they are not easily lost when they are acquired. We must be very careful about our human values and take this issue seriously.

Tips for maintaining a healthy life:

  • Sport:

Good health is achieved and maintained through exercise. You can exercise regularly in any gym. However, too much activity is also unhealthy and harmful. Exercise should be done periodically and should be a maximum of 1 or 1 hour and a half.

  • Early morning walk:

For doing the best exercise, you should be waking up early in the morning and walking.

  • Play:

To be healthy and stay healthy at least once a week, you should play outdoor games.

  • Balanced diet:

Our diet should be balanced. We have to get proper food. Generally, the food we eat is sufficient for health, if we consume it fresh and in the right amount. Overeating is very harmful. We have to eat at regular hours. Another thing about food is that we should not skip any of our meals. Foods eaten in a hurry are not well digested.

  • Rest and comfortable sleep:

Another factor about health is that we need to rest and sleep on time. Going to bed early and waking up early is the golden rule of health. A person who works too hard and does not sleep or sleeps less to earn more money will endanger his health.

  • Get rid of anxiety:

The best formula for being healthy is to free your mind as much as possible from all the extra worries and anxieties. One who is exhausted from grief cannot sleep well.


Health is wealth; As Mahatma Gandhi put it, “Health is real wealth, not gold and silver.” Therefore, a healthy person is a happy person. Many people do not realize its importance as long as they enjoy it. In this article, we talked about health values. We hope you enjoy reading it.

“If you have any feedback about your health is your real wealth that you have tried out or any questions about the ones that I have recommended, please leave your comments below!”

NB: The purpose of this website is to provide a general understanding of personal finance, basic financial concepts, and information. It’s not intended to advise on tax, insurance, investment, or any product and service. Since each of us has our own unique situation, you should have all the appropriate information to understand and make the right decision to fit with your needs and your financial goals. I hope that you will succeed in building your financial future.


How Spending Cash Can Save You Money!

Saving is a topic that is much easier said than done and started. We all know that saving for a long time is a smart thing to do. However, many of us still have trouble getting started and saving.

Saving has many benefits over simple, basic savings, but it also has more hassle. People who save money smartly need to know how to increase their income just as much as they need to know how to spend it.

How to spend less money in life?

We know you’ve probably heard of this before, but we bet you haven’t tried it carefully. We want to look at the following options to think about how you can spend less money in life with a thumb account throughout the year.

There are generally two strategies for financial advancement. The first is to make more money, which is the most obvious way. The second solution is to reduce costs. Between the two, saving money is more valuable. So before you spend your money right away, use the simple method we introduce in this article to reduce your expenses.

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In recent years, credit cards have entered the banking system rapidly, and a large percentage of people use credit cards for their transactions. But cash still plays a substantial role in many cases. There are still people who do not trust credit cards, and cash is their only option.

Disadvantages of credit cards

One of the disadvantages of these cards is the interest that the cardholder has to pay to the bank. If a person uses the credit of his card, he has to pay interest on the amount he has withdrawn from the card to the bank.

Another is that having credit cards increases people’s motivation to buy, so it still increases costs. It means that people have a card with which they can buy a relatively large amount.

The credit amount of this card is much more than a limited amount of cash that you can keep and carry in your handbag, so with these cards, you will probably find more incentive to buy because you do not have the limitation of using cash.

Today, credit card use is very common in developed countries, but in some countries, the conditions for obtaining a credit card are more difficult than all of them.

Why use cash?

By using cash instead of a bank card, people are spending less money. On average, people spend 18% less cash than bank cards.

There are several reasons for this: Cash creates the emotional attachment. When you spend it, you realize it. Second, when you give cash, you know that if it runs out, you will not have any more money, so you calculate how much is left.

As much as stinginess causes suffering, and spending too many causes regret. If spending has become a problem in your life and you are worried about the big money you are wasting every month, if you are out of control of your expenses, the first and easiest way is to carry as much money as you need every day.

In this way, you will both frustrate potential bag thieves and save a lot of money. This rule also applies to bank cards. You do not always have to have a bank card in your pocket.

You can choose an envelope or box to save cash. When you receive your monthly salary, you can put cash in these envelopes. With this system, you can put a sum of money in different envelopes every month. Write on each of these envelopes what the money in it will be spent on? For example, put an envelope for your monthly purchase, an envelope for groceries, and so on.

With this category, you know how much you spend each month. You may think that by doing so there is a possibility of stealing cash. It is true. But you are not going to put all the money you have in these envelopes. It is to manage your money. It will help you to know how much and for what you have spent.

Advantages of using cash

One of the main benefits of paying in cash is that you do not have to pay any additional taxes or fees.

Prevents sudden purchases:

It is not possible to pay with cash and spend all the money you have in your pocket. Cash payments prevent purchases you do not need.

Understand the value of money better by paying in cash. Seeing every dollar spent on your wallet makes you think and encourages you to save.

You learn to manage when you work with cash. You will learn to manage your money and end your month with whatever amount of money you have.

Says Sam Zises, a successful entrepreneur:

Using cash instead of credit cards will help you save money. When you have physical money in your hands, you will be more conservative and make better decisions.

Cash Tips:

Carrying cash may be a little difficult, but it does reduce costs and avoid additional costs. It eliminates the need for credit cards and reduces your purchasing options and final monthly fee.

You can use wallets that have several places to store money to carry cash. If it is difficult for you to carry all your monthly fee in your wallet, you can take the money you need for a week.

If you are married, it may be difficult for two people to carry and budget cash. If you are married, use the method of keeping money in the envelope mentioned above. When using cash in these envelopes, let your spouse know so that none of you encounter an empty envelope.


Saving is one way to create financial security or mental security for the so-called snowy days of life. Savings are: “The amount of money that remains after deducting expenses from each person’s expendable income.” It is a positive number for cautious people. Certainly knowing the savings tricks and how to use them will determine parts of a person’s personal life. In this article, we introduced one of the best ways to save money, which is to use cash. We hope you find this article useful.

“If you have any feedback about how spending cash can save you money ideas that you have tried out or any questions about the ones that I have recommended, please leave your comments below!”

NB: The purpose of this website is to provide a general understanding of personal finance, basic financial concepts, and information. It’s not intended to advise on tax, insurance, investment, or any product and service. Since each of us has our own unique situation, you should have all the appropriate information to understand and make the right decision to fit with your needs and your financial goals. I hope that you will succeed in building your financial future.


What Is Asset Allocation And How To Do It?

What is meant by asset allocation?

The act of dividing the capital into several segments and expanding the asset portfolio is called asset allocation. In general, capital divides into several categories: cash, securities, stocks, and capital assets such as real estate and automobiles.

Each of these has its characteristics, and as a result, different strategies need to purchase and maintain them.

Asset allocation terms are used interchangeably. However, they point to different aspects of risk management. Asset allocation uses to describe a type of money management strategy that describes how capital distributes among asset classes in an investment portfolio. Diversification, on the other hand, describes the allocation of capital in those assets.

The main goal of these strategies is to maximize the expected returns while minimizing the potential risk.

These strategies include determining the investor’s investment time, risk tolerance, and sometimes taking into account broader economic conditions.

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Simply put, the main idea of asset allocation and diversification strategies is to keep all your eggs in one basket. Combining types of assets and unrelated assets is the most effective way to create a balanced portfolio.

What strengthens the combination of these two strategies is that risk is distributed not only between different asset classes but also within those assets. Even some financial experts believe that determining the strategy of asset allocation is more important than choosing individual investments.

Asset allocation model, tailored to your taste:

Although it is always advisable to own an asset (I.e., stocks, or real estate) rather than a capital lender (I.e., equity securities), exceptions can be made depending on the circumstances. For example, consider a retiree who has a capital of about a hundred dollars, is not looking to raise funds and start a new business, and wants to earn a living and a little increase in welfare.

In this way, he will prefer to make a safe investment by buying bonds and earning a profit; while a young employee who has just graduated from university is very thirsty to increase his capital. He takes stock of market fluctuations and steps forward with all his might to develop his fund because he does not need daily living expenses, and as a result, he will seek more prosperity with risky investments. Accordingly, the asset allocation model should be reasonably proportional to your view of investing.

All investment markets are risky and commensurate with their returns; In other words, there is no risk-free investment. However, it is possible to make a safer investment with “asset allocation” because these markets are not affected by the same factors and have different risks. In simple terms, asset allocation means the financial resources division between different asset groups, such as stocks, participation bonds, investment funds, real estate, deposits, and other investment places.

In this way, real estate may increase in price at the end of the year, while stock market shares will decline, as a result of which real estate profits will offset the stock loss. Also, each of the investment groups should divide into various sub-branches alone. For example, if you allocate 40% of your capital to a stock exchange, we recommended that you use this “asset allocation” to purchase various shares.

In summary, asset allocation is key to the success of an investment for the following reasons:

1. Expand and diversify your assets to be in the best position to achieve financial goals; considering what your investment horizon is and how risky you are.

2. According to data from mutual funds and research, 90% of the different portfolio results go back to how their assets are allocated, contrary to what most people think.

Types of asset allocation models:

In general, according to the goals of investors, consider four models for asset allocation; Included: capital maintenance, income, balanced, and growth.

  • Capital conservation:

This model is suitable for those who want to return on their deposits for all twelve months of the year and are not willing to risk a little on the principal. These people usually spend their money to pay for university tuition, buy a car or start a new business; therefore, they consider the capital preservation model. In fact, in this model, the investor wants to increase his capital in such a way that the least risk is realized on the principle of fund. To achieve this, it makes deposits or investments that have high security with low returns.

  • Income:

Portfolios that embedded for monetization include fixed-income investments, such as bonds or stocks of large and established companies that earn a reasonable and, of course, fixed profit each year. People who are about to retire generally follow this pattern. Another example is a family with a single mother caring for several young children. In this case, the mother’s family probably has no income source other than her husband’s insurance and does not want to incur much risk on the principal.

  • Balanced:

A balanced portfolio is a model between capital and income models. For most people, this model is the best option, because the reason for this choice is more psychological than financial. After all, a person with a conservative investment does not expect sudden capital growth. In this case, the investor pursues two goals, on the one hand, long-term capital growth and on the other hand, earning a steady income. A mix of fixed-income assets with low volatility growth is an ideal target for such investors. These people generally invest in two asset groups, including medium-term deposits and the purchase of shares of leading listed companies (most of these companies pay a fixed annual dividend, and their stock value fluctuates slightly with long-term growth).

  • Development:

The growth asset allocation model is suitable for someone who is just starting and looking to increase their investment in the long run. In this case, the capital does not require a fixed income for the investor, because he earns enough income from his workplace to make a living. Therefore, this model is suitable for people who are at risk and mainly younger. In fact, investors who follow this model do not seek the company’s annual profit by buying its shares but seek to increase the value of the purchased shares by bearing higher risk.


Asset allocation and diversification are one of the key concepts in the theory of modern portfolio management strategies.

The main goal of developing an asset allocation strategy is to maximize the expected returns while minimizing risk. Risk distribution among asset classes increases portfolio returns.

Finally, we conclude that even for personal investments, we must pay close attention to how our assets arrange in different categories.

“If you have any feedback about what is asset allocation and how to do it that you have tried out or any questions about the ones that I have recommended, please leave your comments below!”

NB: The purpose of this website is to provide a general understanding of personal finance, basic financial concepts, and information. It’s not intended to advise on tax, insurance, investment, or any product and service. Since each of us has our own unique situation, you should have all the appropriate information to understand and make the right decision to fit with your needs and your financial goals. I hope that you will succeed in building your financial future.

Living within

Why Is It Important To Live Within Your Means?

Having a deep understanding and knowledge about finance comes with it’s own challenges. To overcome these challenges, we need to increase our comprehensive studies. Nowadays we can do that with the advance of technology. It helps us to understand the terms better. But still it does not mean that we need to forget old techniques and methods. In our article you’ll find the synthesis of these two methods regarding finance. The benefits you’ll get will increase the excitement you’ll have reading these sentences.

To understand the term better, ‘’living within your means’’ we first need to focus on our sentence and analyze it deeper. ‘’Living within your means’’ simply means that you need to consume less than you produce. In other words your income should exceed your outcomes. When we deconstruct the sentence like this theoretically, obviously it sounds easier as if we can perform and realize everything that is written here.

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On the other hand, when it comes to applying these theories into practice most of us fail. Because it’s the mindset that we should have for the long term. Comparing all these rich and smart people that succeeded, most of the people give up in the beginning or without even trying at all. It’s because they don’t share the same mindset with the rich people. It’s not a fault or mistake by the way. But that’s why we have our educational content for you. We want you to get more education reading our website.

To make our point even more striking, we have a quote for you from Warren Buffet, the greatest investor of all times. He says in his famous speech that ‘’If you buy the things you don’t need, soon you’ll have to sell things you need’’ Our point could not be clearer with this quote from Warren Buffet. What he is trying to say in this quote is that, ıf you consume more than you produce wealth or value, soon you’ll also lose what you have consumed. It shows the importance of creating value or wealth before consuming. That’s why we’re trying to share with you the mindset of living within your means.

So far you’ve seen the meaning of the term ‘’living within your means’’ , the importance of having this mindset throughout your finance career and your life , you’ve also seen a crucial quote from the most famous financier of all times. Now if you absorbed everything that was written and want to learn more, we’ll teach you how to do it step by step. But please keep in mind that you’re in a self learning process. We are just helping you to learn on your own with our studies. So if you’re sharing the same mindset and ready for the next part. Let’s move on with our next chapter.

In order to thrive in living within your means you first need to concentrate on your incomes. That’s the first part of this journey. In other words you need to calculate the earnings you make in a day, a week, a month etc. If you have a detailed chart of your earnings. It will make it easier for you be more scheduled and spend less in the process.

After the calculations are done, we’ll concentrate on decreasing our spending, as mentioned before, our incomes should exceed our outcomes. That’s why our second object will be cutting our spending and increasing our income. After you consume less and cut your spending, we’ll focus on increasing our income. There are various methods for that. We canmainly do that by creating different income models, such as creating websites, streaming online, trading, commerce, marketing.

These aspects of online business models will help you build passive income for your future and it will also help you to create additional value and income. But don’t forget that the key point here is to first focus on decreasing your spending first and increasing your income. Online models are just one of the fastest growing models for creating an income. There are also different models that you can apply in your area or neighborhood. The ideas differ and they’re all acceptable as long as you put some additional value in it.

After doing our calculations and spending our cutting, the last objective we’ll focus will be to stop depending on debts as a whole. Debts can include credits or the regular funding coming with an interest. It’s crucial to abstain from interest rates since together with the inflation it’s one of the aspects of causing you lose money. If you remember our previous sentences, our main objective was to stay away from extra spending, Besides, these spending with an interest rate will even cost you more in total when you consume more.


To sum up, through your journey to your financial independence, it may feel tough to change your habits in the beginning, but together with the advices you get from our website and related articles, you’ll get a deeper understanding and shape your mindset for the future goals. Taking notes, reading, doing your research and studying more with a practice make your goals even clearer. It’s all up to the effort you put in to realize these goals.

In this article we shared 3 main objectives with you to help you achieve your financial independence. We first introduced the idea of defining your incomes clearly, secondly we made it clear why it’s important to cut your spending and lastly we highlighted why you should abstain from additional costs such as interest rates and debt payments. We hope that you found it helpful and aspiring. Taking these into accounts, we wish you a better future building your wealth. Our next chapter will be about How much do you need to retire ? Please take a look at our next article as well. We are doing our best to help you achieve your goals.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned…

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NB: The purpose of this website is to provide a general understanding of personal finance, basic financial concepts, and information. It’s not intended to advise on tax, insurance, investment, or any product and service. Since each of us has our own unique situation, you should have all the appropriate information to understand and make the right decision to fit with your needs and your financial goals. I hope that you will succeed in building your financial future.



How Working From Home Can Save You Money?

Lack of capital is one of the obstacles that many entrepreneurs are never thinking of starting a business. But this limitation does not mean that only money is important to start entrepreneurship! or even having an office and shop. Many entrepreneurs have started working from home and even home parking. Entrepreneurship with low capital is also possible if you have the right combination of marketing skills, ethics, and knowledge.

Working at home is now one of the most lucrative ways around the world. Many developed countries such as China, Italy, the United States use working at home to expand their economic conditions. Many jobs, depending on the type of work they do, are done in the same way as working at home. Working at home has many benefits for the individual and the community. Here are some ideas on how to save money at home.

Money-Saving Ideas At Home:

Produce handmade products:

Work at home by making dolls, sculptures, decorations, apps, and whatever else you are good at. These ideas for working from home are a good option for you to start with this skill for entrepreneurship with low capital. Yes, building anything will incur some initial costs, but usually, these costs can be borne with little money and are not so large that they require a lot of capital.

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On the other hand, you can do such products or services as work at home, and you do not need to rent an office, the cost of the production process will not be too high, and in fact, a large part of your income will be net profit from selling your products. It’s up to you to decide what to make, but there are many ways to sell products.

Thanks to the Internet these days, selling products has become easier than before, and you can place your handmade products online to display to your customers.

There are many places to sell your handmade goods online:

Many home entrepreneurs put their products up for sale on various sites to get the best exposure. It is important to keep an eye on the remaining number of your products on different sites to get better and more sales.

Intermediary marketing in the sale of goods or services:

If you do not have the talent and interest to build something, you can be a middleman in selling other people’s goods or services, and it is a money-making idea at home. Many entrepreneurs have started large businesses by reselling (intermediating) products that have already been produced by another person or company. It can be done at home in a variety of ways and channels:


Dropshipping is one of the retail methods and value chain management techniques in which the retailer or company takes the order from the customer without storing the products (and generally without having the warehouse) and sends it to the manufacturer or wholesaler, thereby directing the goods.

If so, create an online store (ready-made templates for such stores are available at a reasonable cost) and partner with companies that provide drop shipping services for you, especially when it comes to ordering acceptance.

Cheap stores and garage auctions:

If you are one of those sharp-witted people and possibly second-hand shoppers, you know where to find such things. You can find useful products in second-hand shops, antique shops, brokers, second-hand markets, and home auctions, and sell them online at a higher price than what you bought in your online store. I suggest you think about this money-making idea of working well at home.

Generate content for brands to attract sponsors:

Attracting a sponsor with quality content can be a great idea for working from home. Make sure your content is unique to get high SEO. Consider all the tips and techniques related to providing quality content. Get help from experts in this field if necessary.

Try to update your content in a certain way, for example, every Monday night at 10 o’clock or every day at midnight. This order and observing other rules related to Google will be useful in raising your ranking.

Sell Services:

Another idea for starting a home-based business is to sell services instead of a physical product. The variety of services you can offer depends on your background, skills, and interests.

Some services require high knowledge and skills, such as programming. Others need only basic knowledge to do the job (such as caring for children at home, lawn mowing, driving, etc.)

If you are planning to become an entrepreneur by using your skills, one of the most important issues is to develop a business plan to build and strengthen your brand. You need to make sure that your business brand influences your potential customers. Use social media and other low-cost methods to boost your brand.

Having a website is a great way to showcase your portfolio to customers and even investors. Write down your experiences and backgrounds, and start producing content about the industry or field in which you operate to attract visitors over time.

Social and entertainment programs:

The next idea is to work from home on social programs. You can create social and entertainment programs and consider a monthly or weekly membership fee for members. Try to create unique and great programs. If the audience is large, it can be a good platform for advertising.

Use low-cost services:

In all stages of home entrepreneurship, from the beginning to the stage of growth and development, there are low-cost tools and methods besides the effective and expensive methods. Just be creative and act on the plan.

Through the various tools and websites available on the Internet, you can design a low-cost website and set up your online store without paying millions of dollars to designers.

Social media is an inexpensive tool that allows you to interact with millions of users. Use creative and popular photos, posts, and videos, create relevant content and create a credible name and logo for yourself.

Starting entrepreneurship requires creativity and enthusiasm for the idea you have in mind. When you find something you love and enjoy doing, you are more likely to find a way to get everything right. So if you are interested in working at home and entrepreneurship, find a suitable idea to start an entrepreneurship. A new idea that solves a customer problem; An idea that will excite you! Entrepreneurship starts with excitement. If you are excited, enter the world of entrepreneurship by working from home today.

Holding workshops and seminars:

Holding workshops and seminars in a virtual and real way can be very profitable. These workshops can be in any field.

You can even work as a mediator between people who have special skills but do not have a blog or website. Online meetings and face-to-face meetings with different sections of society can be fascinating.


Investing and making money at home is one of the easiest ways to save money. In this article, we introduced ideas for starting a business and entrepreneurship at home. I hope this article helps you choose the best job at home. Thank you for your attention.

“If you have any feedback about how working from home can save you money ideas that you have tried out or any questions about the ones that I have recommended, please leave your comments below!”

NB: The purpose of this website is to provide a general understanding of personal finance, basic financial concepts, and information. It’s not intended to advise on tax, insurance, investment, or any product and service. Since each of us has our own unique situation, you should have all the appropriate information to understand and make the right decision to fit with your needs and your financial goals. I hope that you will succeed in building your financial future.

Monthly saving

Best Ways To Save Money Every Month!

In difficult economic times, saving is not easy. The best way to save money every month is to measure your income and expenses. We need to be able to eliminate less important costs or replace them with lower costs. I

f you want to save money every month but you do not think this is possible, it is better to follow the tips below to see the result. To have acceptable monthly savings and be comfortable, you need to learn a series of basic principles. In this article, we will explain some smart ways to save money monthly. Stay with us.

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Track your expenses within a month. Keep all your purchases and receipts. At the end of the month, categorize them into fixed and variable categories. Divide each of these categories into two parts: needs and wants.

Fixed expenses usually fix in all months, such as rent, bills, loans, insurance, health services, etc.

Fixed requests are all monthly subscriptions and services such as buying a network subscription, magazine, internet (unless it is for your business), and so on.

Fluctuating costs vary from month to month, while they may cost the least, but people often spend more on them.

Variable needs include clothing and food, and different needs usually include entertainment, habits, games, and other expenses we incur for ourselves or our loved ones.

Now subtract your fixed costs from your net income. Then determine what ten percent of your net income is. It should be your minimum savings goal each month. Reduce this amount from the rest of your salary. It is the final amount you need to budget.

Is there enough money left to save? If not, look at the variable wants first and then your fixed wants and variable needs and see which ones you can remove. If you do not have a steady income, plan according to your average salary. Learn ways to manage money.

Avoid hasty purchases: Always buy in a way that does not require an immediate decision. If you do not buy consciously, you will destroy your entire budget by going to the store once.

Reduction in costs:

Reduce monthly expenses and bills. Electricity and water cover a large part of the costs every month. Do yourself a favor and save the environment. Wear warm clothes instead of overheating or packing.

Reduce service costs. You may reduce the cost of insurance, telephone, internet, etc by finding another service provider. There are always companies that offer the services you need at a lower rate.

Buy a car that is safe and inexpensive. If you are planning to buy a car, make sure your purchase is worthwhile. Look to the long term. An expensive car will cost you a lot in the future.

Spend wisely:

Pay attention to the cost of food and feed. While nutrition is an essential need of every individual, it can cost us dearly. Although cheap foods may seem unhealthy and of poor quality, there are many ways to reduce the food cost.

Most people eat their meals outside the home, especially at work. If you can prepare your food at home, you can save a lot of money.

Buy discounts at regular stores. Instead of going to brand stores and paying extra, look for store discount times and buy groceries at these times.

Pay for entertainment less. Many people spend most of their income on entertainment. Fortunately, this part of the cost can be reduced very easily. If your friends spend a lot of money going to expensive restaurants and cafes, you will probably hardly be able to reduce these costs. Then start by offering less expensive offers. For example, instead of going to the cinema, watch a movie at home, or instead of going to a restaurant, spend the night at home or in the park with friends. The best way to save money is to spend wisely.

Make more money:

Sell accessories that you have not used for some time. Visit your warehouse and sell items that have been buried there for a long time. By doing this, instead of throwing away these items, you can replace them with better and needed things.

Find a second job. Spend your free time on simple but lucrative jobs; such as caring for the elderly and child, or selling.

If you can make handicrafts, start by promoting your products in cyberspace. By doing this, you will not pay for advertising and sales, and instead, you will earn more money.

If you can work on holidays, you will probably spend less. As a result, you will not only spend less but also earn more by working overtime.

If you have an extra room, rent one. Many people are trying to reduce their expenses by having a roommate or renting one of their rooms, and you can do the same.

Open a separate account:

It is better to have a separate sense of savings that is a little difficult to access. An account that does not have a bank teller to withdraw from it, and you have to deposit and withdraw in your branch. In this case, you prefer to control your expenses more. Also, your account can help you during the day or in unforeseen circumstances. This method may be a little ridiculous, but I was able to save well with this method.


There is no doubt that saving, no matter how small, is important. If you can save your income, it will be a significant amount of time that can be used as an investment. But why invest? It is the investment that can get you what you want in the long run. Maintaining purchasing power against inflation, improving the quality of life, providing pensions, and so on are all possible with investment.

Having life insurance:

Having life insurance or health insurance in case of death or unforeseen medical expenses can save you immediately. Nothing can be predicted. If you have this possibility, be sure to apply for insurance to provide peace of mind for yourself and your family in the future.

Repay debts if possible:

If you have a high-interest rate loan, it is best to repay it as soon as you get the money. Try to repay loans that have more interest. It may sound a little weird, but getting a mortgage loan will help you save.


To save money every month, you need to monitor your income and expenses carefully. One of the best ways to save money monthly is to use a savings table. In this case, in addition to saving for each month, you can also track your expenses on an annual basis and have better management.

“If you have any feedback about the best ways to save money every month that you have tried out or any questions about the ones that I have recommended, please leave your comments below!”

NB: The purpose of this website is to provide a general understanding of personal finance, basic financial concepts, and information. It’s not intended to advise on tax, insurance, investment, or any product and service. Since each of us has our own unique situation, you should have all the appropriate information to understand and make the right decision to fit with your needs and your financial goals. I hope that you will succeed in building your financial future.