Best Ways To Save Money Every Month!

In difficult economic times, saving is not easy. The best way to save money every month is to measure your income and expenses. We need to be able to eliminate less important costs or replace them with lower costs. I

f you want to save money every month but you do not think this is possible, it is better to follow the tips below to see the result. To have acceptable monthly savings and be comfortable, you need to learn a series of basic principles. In this article, we will explain some smart ways to save money monthly. Stay with us.

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Track your expenses within a month. Keep all your purchases and receipts. At the end of the month, categorize them into fixed and variable categories. Divide each of these categories into two parts: needs and wants.

Fixed expenses usually fix in all months, such as rent, bills, loans, insurance, health services, etc.

Fixed requests are all monthly subscriptions and services such as buying a network subscription, magazine, internet (unless it is for your business), and so on.

Fluctuating costs vary from month to month, while they may cost the least, but people often spend more on them.

Variable needs include clothing and food, and different needs usually include entertainment, habits, games, and other expenses we incur for ourselves or our loved ones.

Now subtract your fixed costs from your net income. Then determine what ten percent of your net income is. It should be your minimum savings goal each month. Reduce this amount from the rest of your salary. It is the final amount you need to budget.

Is there enough money left to save? If not, look at the variable wants first and then your fixed wants and variable needs and see which ones you can remove. If you do not have a steady income, plan according to your average salary. Learn ways to manage money.

Avoid hasty purchases: Always buy in a way that does not require an immediate decision. If you do not buy consciously, you will destroy your entire budget by going to the store once.

Reduction in costs:

Reduce monthly expenses and bills. Electricity and water cover a large part of the costs every month. Do yourself a favor and save the environment. Wear warm clothes instead of overheating or packing.

Reduce service costs. You may reduce the cost of insurance, telephone, internet, etc by finding another service provider. There are always companies that offer the services you need at a lower rate.

Buy a car that is safe and inexpensive. If you are planning to buy a car, make sure your purchase is worthwhile. Look to the long term. An expensive car will cost you a lot in the future.

Spend wisely:

Pay attention to the cost of food and feed. While nutrition is an essential need of every individual, it can cost us dearly. Although cheap foods may seem unhealthy and of poor quality, there are many ways to reduce the food cost.

Most people eat their meals outside the home, especially at work. If you can prepare your food at home, you can save a lot of money.

Buy discounts at regular stores. Instead of going to brand stores and paying extra, look for store discount times and buy groceries at these times.

Pay for entertainment less. Many people spend most of their income on entertainment. Fortunately, this part of the cost can be reduced very easily. If your friends spend a lot of money going to expensive restaurants and cafes, you will probably hardly be able to reduce these costs. Then start by offering less expensive offers. For example, instead of going to the cinema, watch a movie at home, or instead of going to a restaurant, spend the night at home or in the park with friends. The best way to save money is to spend wisely.

Make more money:

Sell accessories that you have not used for some time. Visit your warehouse and sell items that have been buried there for a long time. By doing this, instead of throwing away these items, you can replace them with better and needed things.

Find a second job. Spend your free time on simple but lucrative jobs; such as caring for the elderly and child, or selling.

If you can make handicrafts, start by promoting your products in cyberspace. By doing this, you will not pay for advertising and sales, and instead, you will earn more money.

If you can work on holidays, you will probably spend less. As a result, you will not only spend less but also earn more by working overtime.

If you have an extra room, rent one. Many people are trying to reduce their expenses by having a roommate or renting one of their rooms, and you can do the same.

Open a separate account:

It is better to have a separate sense of savings that is a little difficult to access. An account that does not have a bank teller to withdraw from it, and you have to deposit and withdraw in your branch. In this case, you prefer to control your expenses more. Also, your account can help you during the day or in unforeseen circumstances. This method may be a little ridiculous, but I was able to save well with this method.


There is no doubt that saving, no matter how small, is important. If you can save your income, it will be a significant amount of time that can be used as an investment. But why invest? It is the investment that can get you what you want in the long run. Maintaining purchasing power against inflation, improving the quality of life, providing pensions, and so on are all possible with investment.

Having life insurance:

Having life insurance or health insurance in case of death or unforeseen medical expenses can save you immediately. Nothing can be predicted. If you have this possibility, be sure to apply for insurance to provide peace of mind for yourself and your family in the future.

Repay debts if possible:

If you have a high-interest rate loan, it is best to repay it as soon as you get the money. Try to repay loans that have more interest. It may sound a little weird, but getting a mortgage loan will help you save.


To save money every month, you need to monitor your income and expenses carefully. One of the best ways to save money monthly is to use a savings table. In this case, in addition to saving for each month, you can also track your expenses on an annual basis and have better management.

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