Ways To Boost My Retirement Income!

Retirement or leisure from work and employment is the period that a person reaches after 20 to 35 years of hard work, by paying a premium or a share of the pension fund, and he receives a pension from the sums that have been saved for him during those years and managed by the government until the end of his life. Now, this amount of pension varies in different countries according to the policies and support and management of governments in investing employees. In this article, we look at ways to increase your retirement income. Stay with us.

Richard Quinn, an American retiree, wrote the following about his employment and retirement experiences:

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  • For some reason, in retirement, there is always the question “What to do if something bad happens?” We think. Maybe because in retirement there is no more overtime, and income is limited.
  • You can not spend rudely in retirement. It means that in addition to the usual retirement plan, you need a separate source of money, and if you have to withdraw it, you must recharge it immediately.

Inevitably, lifestyle will change at retirement age. Because with age, in addition to the loss of hard work and income, the need for regular checkups, health care, receiving nursing and care services, as well as expanding family and family interactions, will all be costly.

Strategies to increase retirement income:

1- Investing with big money:

One way to solve this challenge is to invest with big money such as buying property, depositing in banks and stock exchanges, buying gold and currency, or starting a second business from a young and middle age.

2- Employment after retirement:

Some people realized this crisis only after retirement and did not have a plan for it before. These people often have no choice but to find a job that suits their age and physical condition, which of course does not require much capital, such as: driving and moving passengers, guarding places, answering and operating, etc., which will want each retiree and his family to rest. Cassette!

3- Sale of property and assets:

We have seen and heard many times that a retiree has resorted to selling some of his assets such as gold, cars, furniture, and so on to cover the heavy costs of treatment, education or marriage of his children, repairs of residential property, replacement of worn and broken furniture in the house, etc. Furniture has become home and even property. Under these circumstances, will there be an asset for the next expense that may occur?

4- Forming capital with micro money:

We have all been accustomed to saving in various ways since childhood. Like plastic or pottery piggy banks, which we dismantled in the first and slightest temptation in some way and spent the little savings we had.

The last saving with small money method is to buy life insurance and capital formation, which not only supported him in various situations without reducing his savings but also later. After the desired time (between 10 and 30 years), the person can receive the savings provided by the payment figures and related benefits as capital or a second pension.

5- Receiving a loan with heavy interest:

Have you ever needed a multimillion-dollar emergency? In such a situation, the only solution is to get a necessary and urgent loan from banks and institutions, with high-interest rates and the difficulty of finding a guarantor, and many other problems. Imagine what would happen to a retiree with a meager pension?

6- Receiving allowances from children:

We do not deny the duty of children to their parents, but the living conditions of today make everyone very involved in the problems and sufferings of their personal lives, and the expenses are so much higher than the incomes that paying a part of the parents’ expenses not only makes it difficult for the children. It will damage the self-esteem of retired parents. Because they have provided the family with independence and pride for years, and now they need children due to the decrease in income and the increase in expenses in old age!

To increase your retirement income, avoid the following four:

There is a general rule in retirement planning: the sooner the better financial planning for your future is something you should never forget; you need to start today. Here are four pointers in moving forward with your retirement plan.

  • Ignoring inflation:

Have prices multiplied over the past few years? It is a worrying trend for cash assets. Doubling inflation means that you need to buy twice as much bread to buy a loaf of bread today. Other living expenses also double or more. As you can see, inflation is not something that disappears over time or can be ignored.

If you look at history, you will notice an increasing slope in the goods and services prices. It means that the value of your money has decreased with the same slope. It shows why you need to know and understand the inflation rate well so that you can have proper financial planning for your financial future and that of your loved ones.

  • Lack of control over money:

Although there are many ways to show how much you need to save for your retirement, the best way is to understand your current financial situation and use it as a guide to saving and investing. With proper financial planning, you can monitor your monthly income and expenses. If costs are not clear, monitor more closely.

(One of the easiest ways to do this is to study bank accounts and financial transactions. To get started, look at your deposit account so you can touch on monitoring your financial plan. Try to make it a habit. At least invest in your surplus income and try to get expert financial advisors to do so)

  • Ignore stocks:

If you want to maintain the value of your assets, turn to stocks. Most people do not believe in the stock market, but it is interesting to know that the risk of investing in the stock market is less than keeping cash in the bank because the bank account is exposed to inflation. Investing in stocks becomes more important when you want to save for your retirement.

  • Non-payment of debts:

Short-term and long-term debt reduces your ability to save and invest. When you transfer your debt to the future, your ability decreases to pay the initial costs. Debt and loan interest rates also rise, and you become more indebted than the amount owed.


With these interpretations, what are your plans for your retirement?

The days pass quickly, and how much better to have a glimpse of tomorrow from today so that in addition to gaining comfort in life now, we can also live comfortably and happily when we retire.

It is never too early to start planning your retirement. Avoiding the four mistakes mentioned above will help increase your retirement income.

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